Yoga for Men

Yoga is for everybody and every “body”. As much as women and kids do it in their homes, and schools, men must also incorporate Yoga into their regime besides gymming.

Why yoga is important for men?

Yoga is one of the oldest and strongest practices of all times. The hectic and tiresome days at your workplace, the never-ending assignments and drudgery and travel exhaustion, all of this takes a toll on your body and mind. After a long and jaded day, the body wants to slip under the covers and doze off. This is not a good sign. Pushing your body too much would invite unnecessary stress, fatigue, headache, body pain, joint pain, serious health issues like high BP, muscular knots like tightness of the neck, bad eyesight due to prolonged use of computers and laptops, backache, obesity due to binging on food and alcohol, etc.

Yoga can cure all these ailments:

φ   It is essential to take out at least half an hour from your strenuous schedule to practice Yoga. You have to give up lethargy and procrastination, and strengthen yourself mentally.

φ   Yoga will guide you towards achieving your inner peace. Stillness and Relaxation will heal your body completely i.e. Meditation. 

φ   Yoga Asanas and Pranayama will open up your muscles and joints, will cleanse your body internally and with every progression your body will feel zippy.

φ   With Yoga, you’ll turn out to be cautious about your body, nourish it even more and live a healthier lifestyle.

φ   You’ll be able to deal with every situation and people around you- exasperation, distress, uneasiness will be replaced by the feelings of self-assurance, determination, felicity, humility and usefulness.

Eating Habits

Hydration is extremely important. You must drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. Your diet has to be a “balanced diet”- proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. You must know how to consume it and at what time of the day. Also, you must know your proportions because overeating of any form is not good for your body. A good trick to avoid overeating is, before any meal drink a glass of water. By doing so you’ll come to know about your hunger pangs and how much to feed yourself.

In closing, I’d like to state that Yoga can bring a sense of well-being and zest in your lifestyle. Manage your schedule and take out time for this practice. Your mind will be more resilient and body as fit as a fiddle.