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I am Devashish Singh. I was treated for Morbid Obesity and sleep apnea under the guidance of Dr. SANDEEP AGARWAL SIR, Dr. VITISH SIR, Dr. BHANU YADAV SIR. I cannnot thank them enough. Earlier I wasn’t able to walk for 50 steps and couldn’t climb 5 steps even as I used to weigh 164kgs and was suffering from sleep disorder. Rachna ma’am made sure that everything went on smoothly throughout this process. I got admitted in AIIMS, NEW DELHI on 14th JUNE AND I WAS OPERATED on 5TH JULY. During this time, I followed strict diet as advised by DIETICIAN RICHA JAISWAL ma’am, I lost 14.6 kgs before my surgery. Now I was able to walk 8000 steps and could climb 4 floors all by myself, something I never imagined I would be able to do in my life. Moreover, the constant check ups, and monitoring by the nursing staff and resident doctors made me feel like home. The way they motivated and took care of me, I couldn’t thank them enough. And on the big day i. e 5th July, my surgery went as planned and I was discharged two days after my surgery from the hospital. Now, I am walking and recovering way too fast with a positive intent to become a new version of myself and face the world. Once again, I would like to thanks all the nursing staff, house keeping staff, dietician, doctors, surgeons for their constant support and help. Thank you 🙏

I am reaching out to you for the first time after my OAGB surgery which was conducted exactly 5 months ago by Dr. Nasser Sakran and your team at AIIMS Delhi on September 29, 2022 at the Baricon conference. I want to express my deep gratitude for the successful surgery which has helped me restore balance in life within 5 months. My diabetes has completely become normal with no sleeping or snoring issues due to sleep apnea.

I was going through severe clinical depression and it seems the mental fog has almost gone. I managed to reduce exactly 25 kgs from 90.7 kgs from the day of surgery to 66.7 kgs as of today in 5 months. I was prescribed ursodiol for 6 months, so wanted to know if after 6 months, I can stop taking it. I experienced nerve compression in my left leg due to rapid weight loss which has completely resolved now. Rest I feel more energetic, not a bit tired or sleepy during daytime like earlier times. From 52 BMI, I have come down to 33 BMI now. Thanks and all the very best for your future endeavors. I feel blessed and lucky to have taken the decision of surgery at AIIMS Delhi, after being in much dilemma. I could not share my token of gratitude after surgery, as I was feeling mentally and physically exhausted. Thanks for helping me with my journey towards wellness.