Winter Detox Drink🍹

Considering a detox this winter? When the holiday season is over and you’re recovering from all those feasts and treats, reset your body with thiswinter detox recipe🤸‍♀️

Here’s to the receipe for you all👇
– Turmeric – The Main ‘Life-Saving’ ingredient, aids in making our immune stronger
– Ginger – Antibacterial
– Black Pepper – Rich in a potent antioxidant
– Cinnamon – Traditional medicine as a digestive system aide
– Clove – High in antioxidants
– Cummin – Promotes digestion, also may promote ‘Weight loss n Fat reduction’
– Mixed Salt – (Black n Himalayan) For hydration, Water travels with the help of sodium
– Ghee – Possesses Butyric acid, Most beneficial short chain fatty acid

I’m not giving you measurement cause I just add may be close to 1/2 a tsp of everything. Crush it and boil all together till the quantity becomes lil lesser, Pour it into a cup using a filter, then add around 1/2 tsp of ghee in it🍯

Imp – People prone to acne keep in mind the quantity. Too much of everything can lead to acne type thingy on your cheek🧏‍♀️